General Meeting - Member Appreciation
Thursday, September 21st - American Legion, 7:00 pm

Thank you to our fair volunteers!
Megan Baker Robert Cuervo Glenn Hedges Jim Pollard
Shawn Baker Don Escalante Pat Hedges Bill Schwab
Kevin Bash John Gilmore Ted Hoffman Judy Schwab
Gary Bowen Nancy Gilmore Jeff Jones Bonnie Slager
Cindy Bruer Annika Greder Geoff Kahn Nancy Smith
Jean Chadsley Matt Green Robbin Koziel Michele Steeber
Dan Chamberlain Mindy Green Bob Leonard Kathy Stevens
Jerri Chamberlain Doreen Grimes Karen Leonard Wendie Stevenson
Sharon Chandler Gina Grimes Randy Miller Jo Tootell
Joy Chase Klaus Grimes Elodie Moore Kerri Walsh
Mike Chase Luc Grimes Kathleen Myers Diana Wilkerson
Carol Christiansen Jeannie Halligrimson Bill Naylor Bill Wirtz
Barbara Cornish Ray Halligrimson Robin Ogle Helen Wirtz
Darrell Cravy Jim Hammondtree Pat Overstreet  

Over 50 people volunteered over 400 hours of their time to sell buttons.
At our next meeting will be showing our gratitude.
Please join us for the celebration!

General Meetings
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American Legion

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